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Thunderhill Test

OUR introduction to motor racing in the US was most definetely a success. Accompanied by Russell Meagher of Meagher Brothers Racing and in conjunction with Neil Porter of Porter Racing we tested their Crossle Formula Ford at the SCCA Thunderhill Raceway in Northern California (about 3 hours north of San Francisco)

The day started damp and gradually dryed out (with no help from a visiting film crew dowsing the track in water for a Jaguar TV ad!) After a couple of acclimitisation laps with Keith Nunes (ex-US FF National Champ) and Peter Nosler (Current US FF B Champ) the cars were fired up and Sweeney Racing hit the track in anger or the first time in 2001.

The Thunderhill track, although short, is quite technical and requires the driver to keep momentum through the corners. One of the most exciting corners being the cyclone which is a 90 degree left hander over a blind crest which drops down dramatically into a high speed right hand curve. Click here for photos of the test care of Russ Meagher.

So with the help of debrief sessions from Keith and Neil the times came down. Now, with the cobwebs dusted off and our first taste of fomula ford had it's time to work out theplans for the year! In the meantime check the site for photos and moving mpeg files showing Sweeney Racing in action!

Ian Sweeney, 26th February, 2001 HOME

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