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CARS - Formula Vee

Formula Vee racing cars are designed to comply with a strict set of rules which are revised annually. These rules ensure that costs are limited and that driver skill becomes the major factor in achieving success.

The Chassis - Of tubular space frame construction, confine to maximum dimensions. Exotic materials are prohibited. Constructors aim to maximise torsional rigidity and minimise weight, while maintaining the highest levels of driver safety.

The Tyres - A grooved racing tyre is chosen for optimum grip under all weather conditions. The type/brand and compound are specified, ensuring an economical wear rate.

The Engine - The normally aspirated air cooled Volkswagen 1600cc engine, is tuned to provide just over 70bhp. All components and measurements are specified.

The Gearbox - Limited to 4 forward and 1 reverse gear. Ratios can be changed to suit various circuits and conditions.

The Brakes - Four wheel disc brakes have independent front and rear activation. Front/rear bias is adjustable.

Safety Features - Include chassis requirements, roll over hoop, foot protection and material specifications. Drivers' harness and fire extinguishers etc. are as required by current RIAC regulations.

Aerodynamic Devices - Are not allowed. Down force is limited to the combination of chassis design/set-up and tyre grip, together with the natural forces of gravity.


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